The oldest women's organization on campus, Maggies, was established in 1999 by a group of young women who aimed to forge lasting bonds of friendship through working to exhibit our pillars.

leadership, sisterhood, personal development, outreach, commitment, & service

Since its founding, Maggies has grown as an organization, constantly taking on new projects and events. Many may recognize us as the organization that puts on Glow 5K with AMC, or sells Tacos on Northgate each semester.

We work to serve our community in many ways throughout the year, but the cause most dear to our hearts is our philanthropy- NEW HORIZONS. New Horizons is a home for children currently removed from their families due to unstable living conditions. Each semester, we all take a trip to the New Horizons grounds in Goldthwaite, Tx and get a chance to spend time with the kids and pass on the money we raise for them.

Members get the chance to hear inspirational speakers, facilitate fundraisers and events, go on roadtrips and attend mixers with other organizations throughout their time in Maggies. What we believe is the most beautiful thing we get to experience is the change within ourselves from being constantly surrounded by such a passionate, diverse group of women.

To become a Maggie is to become a sister, a leader and a catalyst for positive change. Maggies is our bond. It is where we are encouraged and challenged. Maggies is our home.